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The WK Group

The WK Group specializes in technology and building online platforms for corporate marketing, product sourcing and distribution. We create customized online ordering systems to help you consistently promote your brand and help you grow your business. Our strategic sourcing and on demand fulfillment services eliminate the need to keep and manage inventory, reduce waste, and make your program as cost efficient as possible.  We offer 24/7 reporting capability, and the option of a multi-level approval queue.  


For qualifying customers, there is never any cost associated with the creation and ongoing management of your customized online marketing solution.


The WK Group has over 50 years combined experience creating and managing marketing solutions and we put that experience to work to create a solution that requires no investment on your part. With your input, we create and manage the site so you can centralize your content, control who can order what, and ensure compliance with your brand standards and ordering procedures. Your online ordering site allows employees to modify and proof printed material online; eliminating the time and money spent on traditional offline proofing processes. Streamline and automate ordering, quickly and easily place reorders, create custom approval rules, and access powerful online reports. Our supply chain expertise reduces inefficiencies, provides low prices, and ensures quality.


Products include:


• All types of printed material

• Promotional products

• Apparel

• Other operational and marketing material such as forms, HR documents, and training manuals


Services provided by WK Group include:


• Project management

• Graphic design

• Custom online catalogs

• System integration services

• Complete program creation and ongoing management


The WK Group provides several vertical market solutions and consulting services to business owners who are looking for assistance with marketing their business and procuring basic marketing materials.


To learn more about the WK Group, and how you can qualify for a no-cost, customized, online marketing solution, please contact us at

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